"They placed me in a job I really enjoyed!"

After Janel Cohen graduated from college with a degree in marketing - she sought summer employment to help make a little extra money while living with her parents. She was toying with the idea of leaving the islands to pursue opportunities in the mainland. A close friend suggested she visit ALTRES Staffing. She's never been sorry about that decision - and it changed her life.

"I just wanted some temp work because I thought I was going to move to the mainland at the end of the summer." Janel explained. "I got a job that I liked a lot; the people were nice and the pay was good - so I ended up there through December when the assignment ended."

Janel's assignment was with a consulting firm specializing in building community support for economic development. "Since the company was small I learned a lot of basics about business, and how each person affects the business."

According to ALTRES Office personnel manager, Desiree Mitsunaga, ALTRES immediately knew they had found a rising star, "Janel was the ideal temporary. A recent college graduate, she was skilled in computer programs, office etiquette and customer service. Her flexibility and 'willing to do anything' attitude won us over. We presented her to a brand new client, and she successfully worked there winning them over as well. They then recommended her to a client of theirs for a full-time opportunity. Janel is truly a success story in our eyes."

Her new job placed her at work in the busy State Capitol for one of the Representatives. "It's still not my permanent career path, but it has been a great learning experience. It's another good stepping stone," says Janel.

Future aspirations for this up-and-comer? "Becoming a lobbyist or working in some kind of public relations - both of these positions have been really good learning experiences and stepping stones to achieve that."

Janel advises, "Hard work really does pay off and not everything is going to be handed to you - you have to show people what you're worth as a fresh graduate."

Besides high hopes for a long career here in the islands, Janel enjoys shopping, yoga, scuba and the outdoors.


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