Why Temporary Employees are Good for Business


The reality of any business is that you have to be prepared for unexpected. Sometimes the unexpected means an employee not showing up for work, a sudden increase in business, or a last minute project that needs extra support. These unanticipated fluctuations in staff needs are normal, but how you handle them is what will set your company apart.

Hiring temporary employees to fill the gap during employee shortages is a smart business strategy that many organizations in Hawaii have adopted and something that can greatly benefit your company, too.

1. Stay productive

Keep your company focused on revenue-generating activities. Just because your receptionist is out on vacation doesn’t mean that the phone stops ringing. So instead of worrying about who is going to field customer calls, you can keep your attention where it needs to be—on your work.

2. Avoid paying overtime

Temporary employees help you avoid overworking your current full-time staff. This is significant because studies show that an overworked employee is less productive, makes costly mistakes, and is more likely to quit. Plus, an employee doing the work of two people often means he/she is working long, late hours, which means you’ll likely need to pay overtime.

3. It’s easy 

Hiring temporary workers doesn’t have to interrupt your daily workload. The easiest and most cost-effective way to hire a temporary worker is to partner with a local, trustworthy staffing company. Most business managers don’t have the time to recruit, screen, and interview candidates for full-time positions, let alone a short-term role. Partnering with a reliable staffing company gives you access to an entire team of recruitment professionals and hundreds of pre-qualified candidates just by picking up the phone.

4. No payroll management

Some companies dismiss the idea of using a temp because putting a new employee on their payroll is a headache. However, using a staffing company helps you avoid that hassle. In fact, your staffing company will manage all the worker’s payroll expenses, including wages, federal and state tax filing, W-2 compliance, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and funding, etc.

5. A bigger bang for your buck

Temporary workers are generally paid at a much lower rate than a full-time worker. In fact, many temporary workers have years of experience under their belts and are just looking for supplemental income. That means you’ll be bringing on an experienced and skilled worker for the cost of a temp.

Is your company in the practice of turning to temporary workers to help with workload fluctuations? Don’t let an unexpected staffing need get in the way of your business. We encourage you to take advantage of all the benefits as well as the relief that comes with hiring temporary workers.

How ALTRES Staffing Can Help

At ALTRES Staffing, we specialize in provide top quality personnel to get the work done when you need it. Join the many Hawaii business owners who have discovered the advantage of using ALTRES Staffing for their temporary hiring needs and are reaping the benefits of costs savings, work force flexibility, and better access to quality workers.

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