4 Things to Consider When Hiring New Grads


It’s spring here in beautiful Hawaii Nei, which means thousands of high school and college students are getting ready to don a cap and gown, receive their hard-earned diplomas, and enter the Hawaii job market. Are you ready for the onslaught of job applications from this new group of grads?

It’s true that hiring recent graduates can be challenging – especially since many have never worked in the corporate world. However, in today’s tight job market, where highly experienced candidates can be hard to come by, you may inevitably have to take a risk and hire someone right out of school.

The good news is, recent graduates can be a great addition to your team as they are often highly career focused, good learners, and bring a fresh perspective to your company.

As you begin to receive resumes from these new or soon-to-be grads, you may need to readjust your hiring methods a bit in order to identify and select the best of the bunch. In addition to your regular hiring methods, pay special attention to these factors as you consider new grads for your open positions:

1. How well does the applicant respond to criticism?

Review the applicant’s resume and interview attire with more leniency than you would a seasoned professional. Politely point out areas for improvement and if you are interested enough, invite the applicant back for a second interview. An applicant who has incorporated your feedback possesses not only good listening abilities but a willingness to learn and grow – an important skill for a new grad entering the workforce.

2. Did the applicant complete an internship or volunteer work?

What kind of job(s) did the applicant have during college? Did the applicant participate in an internship? Working during college or holding an internship is a good sign of a college grad who is motivated and focused on the future. Pay special attention to what industry skills the applicant may have gained through their previous work or internship experiences. Then, during the interview, ask him/her to explain how those skills will translate in your company environment.

3. How well does the applicant deal with challenges?

One of the best ways to determine the candidacy of new graduates with no work experience is to learn how well they handle and overcome challenges. Ask your applicants to tell a story about an obstacle they faced and how they dealt with that challenge.

4. Are the applicant’s job expectations realistic?

As a new grad, an applicant likely has little to no professional work experience. However, many still enter the job market expecting a high-paying, mid-level position. Look for those applicants who understand the reality of the job market and are willing to put in the time to gain the experience. Although new grads may take longer to train, many possess tech-savvy skills that are highly beneficial in today’s workplace.

If you’re wary of hiring new graduates (or anyone, for that matter) and need expert assistance, contact us to get one of our results-oriented Personnel Managers working to find top talent for your open positions today.