4 Hiring Options to Keep Your Business Humming

ALTRES Hiring Options

For many companies, the recruitment process looks a little bit like this: run an expensive job ad, spend countless hours sifting through resumes, schedule and interview candidates, hire someone whose performance turns out to be less than expected.  Sound familiar?

Fortunately, ALTRES Staffing has you covered! We help you keep your business running smoothly by finding you the best people and eliminating the headaches associated with unqualified job applicants.

One call to ALTRES gives you access to an expert team of recruitment professionals who will analyze your needs, recruit, pre-screen, test, evaluate, reference check, and select the top quality candidates for your position.

We offer four hiring options to best fit the needs of your company:

Temporary Hire

Whether you need help for a day or a year, our temporary employees are the best solution when you need coverage right now. This hiring option is perfect for when you need support for special projects, busy seasons, sick leaves, TDI coverage, vacations, or leaves of absence.

This approach helps minimize work backlog and prevents you from making a hasty hiring decision. All of our temporary workers are backed by the ALTRES Guarantee.


The temp-to-hire option is a way for you to try out a candidate before making a final hiring commitment. This service is great when you need to evaluate a candidate’s performance, fit, and on-the-job skills.

Our temp-to-hire period is 640 hours. After this period, you may hire the candidate directly without any additional fee.

Direct Hire

Under this plan, you may hire our candidate directly. Use this hiring option when you have openings for higher skilled positions. We’ll save you time and money by recruiting and presenting you with pre-qualified candidates to choose from.

We offer a 100 day guarantee on all our direct-hire employees. If the candidate doesn’t work out within the first 30 days, our placement fee is fully refundable!

Project Payrolling

With this option, you provide us with the employee and we put them on our payroll at a reduced rate. You manage the worker and we handle all the employment administration for that individual—payroll processing, workers’ compensation, unemployment and TDI insurance, health insurance coverage, and state and federal employment taxes.

Questions? Contact us today to speak to one of our Personnel Managers. We would love to tell you more about our hiring options and find out how we can assist your company.