5 Inexpensive Ways to Thank Your Administrative Professionals

How to thank your administrative professionals

There’s a good reason so many managers half-jokingly call their administrative assistants the boss. It’s undeniable that today’s office professional plays an important role in daily operations.  Over 22 million administrative professionals in the US do so much more than just answer phone calls and file papers. They’re the glue that holds the office together, remembering every detail and taking on projects that aren’t even in their job description.

This month, be sure to take time to show appreciation for the secretary, receptionist, administrative assistant, or office professional in your company during Administrative Professionals Week, April 21 through April 27.

Here at ALTRES Staffing, Administrative Professionals Week is one of our favorite occasions to celebrate some of our favorite people. Throughout the week, our recruiters will personally deliver small gifts to admins we have placed at local companies. And at our own office, our team has a blast planning a special event to honor our in-house administrative staff.

“My favorite Admin Day to coordinate was in 2017,” recalls Marketing Specialist and Event Planner Lee Mar. “We went to a restaurant in Waikiki with all of our admins and the leadership team. It definitely felt like a family affair since everyone was able to mix and mingle.

“After we ate, we played this game which involved unwrapping a huge ball of saran wrap and rolling dice. Random prizes were inserted between each layer. The person who had the ball could continue to unwrap and claim all prizes. Meanwhile, the person on the left had to roll the dice until they rolled doubles. Once, doubles were rolled the ball was passed to the next person and they could unwrap the ball and claim prizes, and so forth. It’s safe to say, people got crazy unwrapping the ball and rolling the dice, and we provided entertainment for the other tables surrounding us.”

Here are a few other easy, yet thoughtful, ways you can recognize the administrative professionals in your office this month.

Say it with a lei 

It may not be May yet, but giving lei is a go-to way to recognize people on special occasions here in the islands. Our local flower shops have many options, so head to your favorite shop and pick up a few.

Decorate their desk

Show your admins some love the second they walk to their desk by putting up a banner, balloons, or any other festive decorations that lets them and everyone walking by know that they’re highly appreciated.

Give a sweet treat

Who doesn’t love receiving food as a thank you? Whether you pick up Leonard’s malasadas or put together goodie bags filled with chocolate candies, you can’t go wrong with an edible treat. Extra points for baking something yourself!

Go out for lunch

Taking your administrative professionals out to lunch shows them personal appreciation and gives them a nice break from the office. Many local restaurants offer lunch discounts for Administrative Professionals Week, so be on the lookout for those deals and make a reservation in advance.

Say something

No matter how you choose to recognize your admins, make some time during the day to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and how they’ve contributed to the company. You could say it in a card, face to face, or give a speech in front of the office during your next staff meeting. It’s simple but has the power validate their hard work.

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Although Administrative Professionals Week is an official opportunity to show appreciation to your staff for their work and dedication throughout the year, it’s a good practice to incorporate employee appreciation into your company culture. Recognizing your employees on a regular basis is mutually beneficial and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

We know how critical administrative professionals are. That’s why we thoroughly screen, assess, and vet our candidates to make sure our clients get the best of the best. Whether you need someone temporarily or permanently, part-time or full-time, or specialized in a legal or medical field, we’ve got you covered with the most experienced and qualified people out there. Contact us today!