How to Woo Your Employees


Love is not all you need.

That is true for the happily married and for the happily employed.

If Hawaii employers want to retain their top employees, they need to court them and continue to woo them long after the honeymoon phase is over.

So how can you keep the (strictly platonic) spark alive in your employees?

Put a ring on it

Well, not literally. But getting “engaged” with your employees is crucial for productivity, morale, and turnover. Only three out of ten employees are engaged at work, according to the 2017 Gallup State of the American Workplace Report.

If you want employees to invest in your company, you must return the love. There are lots of ways to do this. Boosting engagement can be as simple as getting to know your employees better, helping them set goals, or asking for their feedback.

Play hard to get

This may come as a surprise, but most employees want to be challenged at work. Nearly 61% of employees who said they’re engaged at work feel challenged or very challenged. Assigning difficult but manageable projects to your employees shows that you trust their abilities. They’ll work hard to prove you right.

Mind their love language

Not everyone expresses and interprets love the same way. Similarly, not every employee wants the same thing out of their job.

Some may want quick advancement; others may value recognition for their work.

Whatever it is, find out what speaks to each of your employees. Doing so will keep them happier and more engaged, help you craft better benefit packages, and even retain them for the long haul.

Wine and dine them

Need we say more? Free food is the quickest way to an employee’s heart.

Whether it’s a constant supply of snacks in the breakroom or an occasional free lunch, providing your workers with food is an easy way to win their affection.

Need more ideas? Here’s a list of easy ways to show appreciation for your employees.

Keep your honey do list in check

Letting your honey do list go unchecked can land you in the doghouse. The same is true for employers. Everything mentioned above is useless if you’re not doing it frequently and consistently. Employees will notice if their needs are not being met and if nothing changes, they’ll find another employer who will.

Many companies pull out all the bells and whistles to attract top talent to their door. But too often they forget to keep the spark going once their new hire joins the team. Keeping your workforce happy and fulfilled at all times means they’ll be more likely to stay put should another employer approach them with a tempting job offer.