Tips for Successfully Leading a Remote Workforce

Woman at computer having virtual meeting and video conference

In a time of statewide lockdowns and social distancing orders, remote work has become a critical enabler of business. While millions of people transitioned to remote work due to COVID-19, a recent report found that almost 75 percent of companies plan to keep remote work as a permanent option.

But for many of us, connecting virtually with colleagues and employees is a completely new way of working.

We’ve compiled a list of great resources to help you successfully manage and engage a remote workforce.

Woman giving thumbs up to people on computer screen

How to Ace Virtual Meetings for Better Productivity and Engagement

Technical considerations, virtual meeting etiquette, and tips on engaging participants to run more effective virtual meetings.

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Woman with different facial expressions on orange background

5 Common Online Communication Styles

As in real life, awareness of communication styles is very helpful for effectively managing online teams. Here are five common types of online communicators, and some tips on getting along with each.

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Wine glass being held up in front of computer monitor

Virtual Team Building Activities to Try with Your Employees

As teams get used to working remotely, the need to maintain a sense of connection grows more urgent. Stay connected and engaged with your employees with these fun, easy virtual team building activities!

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