How to Manage a Positive COVID-19 Test at Work

manage covid-19 at work

As our local industries resume operations and manage the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Hawaii businesses need to have a plan of action in place to ensure containment and communication should a positive case become known.

Considerations and actions to be taken to ensure workplace safety for employees and guests; how to support infection and communication while employers provide a conducive business atmosphere; and how to operate in a new world of work are today’s essential business practice.

The Risk Management and HR Experts at simplicityHR by ALTRES created resources based on state and federal best practices, guidelines, and safety protocols to help the Hawaii business community safely contain and secure workplaces and teams.

The eBook includes communication plans, checklists, and resources on how to manage COVID-19 at work including considerations of:

  • Prevention and Preparation
  • Taking Quick Action
  • Containment
  • Communication
  • Team Support
  • Workplace Safety

Additionally, this eBook offers a resource cheat sheet to ensure access to the latest information on the ever-changing pandemic. For fast reference to checklists, the sections have been broken down into easy downloads to take swift action and ensure workplace safety, security, and strong communication.

Managing a Positive COVID-19 Test Downloads

As with any business decision, you need to do what’s specifically appropriate for you and your business. We highly encourage you to seek guidance and advice from your trusted advisors as they know you and your business best.

We hope you will find these to be valuable resources as you safely resume operations and maintain best practices to protect employees, clients, and guests.

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