Investing in the Future Workforce

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As an industry-leader, ALTRES Staffing recognizes the importance of providing students with real-world professional expectations and advice to ease the transition from school to work.

In a recent partnership with four local high schools, our team had the opportunity to share their expertise on job search best practices, resume building, job interviewing, managing employment expectations, and dealing with conflict in the workplace.

“I wish we had this real-life exposure when I was in high school,” says ALTRES Industrial Placement Manager Hoala Morrison. “I’m so impressed with these students and their ability and willingness to do practice interviews with us.”

Personnel Assistant Alissa Fa adds, “I didn’t have my first job interview until after college, and I was clueless. I’m glad we were given the opportunity to better prepare these students for their work entry.”

The majority of Hawaii high school graduates don’t earn a postsecondary degree and enter the workforce without college completion (source). Arguably making workplace readiness at a younger age more and more important.

“I was so impressed with the students who attended the annual Chamber of Commerce Hawaii Membership Luncheon that it was great to have the schools reach out to see how we could partner with them,” said Emy Yamauchi-Wong, Manager of ALTRES Office/Professional and ALTRES Technical. “The schools are doing a great job of setting expectations and providing students with opportunities to learn about the job search process, build their resumes, experience mock job interviews, and other skills that will help them in the real world. Our partnership goes hand-in-hand—we validate what the schools are teaching, and students gain real experience with what they are learning,” said Yamauchi-Wong.

Opening your business to younger generations can have great benefits for your workforce and our community at large. Having age-diverse teams encourages new perspectives, fresh ideas, and ultimately brings better results.

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Whether you are an educator looking for partnership opportunities or a business looking to fill workforce gaps, ALTRES Staffing has you covered. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.