Personnel Spotlight: Meet Lisa Kodama!

Lisa Kodama

In the fast-paced world of temporary staffing, no two days are the same. Just ask our Personnel Manager, Lisa Kodama. Lisa oversees temporary placements for our Office division, is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP), and has been with ALTRES for over 20 years. She understands first-hand how to handle the constantly changing environment that comes with temporary staffing.

Describe a typical day on the job at ALTRES.

I serve as the Personnel Manager for the temporary Office division. With temporary positions, a large portion of our clients need workers immediately, so it’s safe to say that my day can get pretty hectic. When a request comes in, I comb our database for candidates whose availability, location, and qualifications all match what the client is looking for. I also spend a lot of time speaking with our clients and addressing any on-the-job issues that arise throughout the day.

What qualities or skills are essential to be a successful Personnel Manager?

As I mentioned, our clients often need us to fill their open positions immediately, some that very same day. Because of this, being able to quickly shift gears and work efficiently and calmly throughout the day is important. My goal is to go above and beyond for our clients and make sure that both our clients and employees are happy. Customer service is the key ingredient.

How have you grown personally and professionally since joining ALTRES?

A lot has changed since I first joined ALTRES over 20 years ago, including how big our company has become. Working in the staffing industry has allowed me to meet many applicants and a wide range of clients—many with whom I’ve built long-lasting relationships. I have also taken on the role of Corporate Recruiter. Recruiting for permanent roles within ALTRES has given me the opportunity to work closely with hiring managers from our different departments which I enjoy a lot.

Why should a company use a staffing company, like ALTRES?

ALTRES is a kama’aina company with a team of seasoned managers. Our Office division managers have each been with the company for at least fifteen years and are all Certified Staffing Professionals. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to help clients find the right candidates for their open positions.

How do you obtain work life balance?

It can be challenging to prioritize between work and personal life. For me, it’s about “leaving work at work” so that I can spend quality time at home with my family. That means that when I’m at the office, I focus on filling positions and communicating with our clients so that once I’m out the door, I can turn my full attention to my family.

Name three fun facts about yourself.

I love to travel, despite being afraid of flying. Chinese is my go-to comfort food. And I’m a fan of reality shows—my absolute favorite is the Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Whether one of your employees is going on vacation, taking parental leave, or just called in sick at the last minute, ALTRES can help. Please contact our expert recruiters, like Lisa Kodama, and we’ll help you fill your short or long-term openings with qualified people.