Q: Does ALTRES Staffing offer Temp-to-Hire services?
A: Yes. Our Temp-to-Hire placement plan is designed to allow both you and the candidate time to evaluate each other during a specified evaluation period before making a final hiring decision. During the evaluation period, ALTRES Staffing employs the candidate for you and bills you at an hourly rate. You may hire the candidate directly without any additional fees at any time AFTER the specified evaluation period.

Q: What costs and/or fees can I expect to pay?
A: An hourly bill rate is determined by the job description and skills requirements of the position we are staffing.

Q: Can I hire the temporary employee you send to me?
A: Yes, you can hire the temporary employee we send to you through one of our placement programs. Call an ALTRES Staffing personnel manager for more information.

Q: What kind of screening are ALTRES Staffing placements required to go through?
A: Every candidate undergoes our structured screening process before we present them to our clients. Candidates that do not meet our criteria are not presented. Our screening process includes:

  • An in-depth employment application.
  • Full face-to-face interview assess critical information such as experience, strengths and ability to communicate.
  • Skills testing in accordance with their background.
  • Behavioral trait profiles to determine “best fit” for a range of jobs.
  • Satisfactory employment verification/reference checking from previous employers.
  • Our skills testing is administered using the latest technology with ALTRES proprietary software and other third party software giving us the capability to effectively measure the widest range of competencies in Microsoft Office, accounting, computer literacy, IT, call center, industrial, clerical, behavioral, medical and legal areas.

Q: What if I need to cancel an order?
A: If you need to cancel an order, please contact an ALTRES Staffing personnel manager immediately.

Q: What can ALTRES Staffing do if a placement does not work out on the job?
A: ALTRES Staffing has a guarantee for both its temporary and direct-hire programs. If a temporary employee is not working out on an assignment, call an ALTRES Staffing personnel manager immediately. A replacement will be sent and you will not be charged for any unsatisfactory work. Our direct-hire program comes with a 100-day guarantee. If a candidate on the direct-hire program proves unsatisfactory within the first 30 days, we will refund your fee in full. A refund will be prorated if your dissatisfaction occurs after 30 day, up until 100 days.

Q: If I have a question on billing, whom should I call?
A: Billing inquiries should be directed to an ALTRES Staffing personnel manager.

Q: How quickly will ALTRES Staffing be able to fill my open position?
A: ALTRES Staffing will respond to your staffing needs immediately. Once an order is placed, we will conduct a search of our database of qualified employees. An ALTRES Staffing personnel manager will provide you with a status update as soon as possible or at your request.