How We Help

We know that finding the right employee isn’t easy. It can take weeks, even months, of valuable time and energy to find the right people for your open positions. Most business managers don’t have the time to become experts in recruitment, advertising, resume screening, interviewing, and applicant assessment.

That’s where we come in—ALTRES Staffing is your trusted partner that will help you find the right people when you don’t have the time or experience to do it cost-effectively.

  • We recruit 24/7 online and in person.
  • We screen over 20,000 job applicants each year to find the best candidates for our clients.
  • Applicants go through a rigorous process of evaluation, skills assessments, reference checks, employment verification, and in some cases, drug testing and background checks, before becoming candidates for your consideration.
  • Our recruiters know the value of good employees and the importance of “fit”. We will recommend candidates only when we are confident there is a good match.
  • Our Office division recruiters work exclusively on filling office positions.

When you choose ALTRES Staffing, you can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving quality individuals who are capable of getting the work done. They’re the result of a process of recruitment, evaluation, and selection that we’ve refined for more than 40 years.  Join the hundreds of businesses statewide that depend on ALTRES Staffing to get work done.


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