What We Do

How many hours a week do you spend recruiting and evaluating applicants? Anyone who’s placed an ad for an open job recently can tell you how much of their precious work week they waste trying to hire someone for a job.

So, why spend countless hours recruiting on your own when that’s all we specialize in? One call to ALTRES Technical gives you access to an extensive team of recruitment professionals and thousands of pre-qualified candidates, saving you time and money.

Our professional recruiters know the value of good employees and the importance of “fit.” We will recommend candidates only when we are confident there is a good match, and there is absolutely no fee or obligation for meeting the candidates we send you.

ALTRES offers you a choice of hiring plans:

Direct Hire
Save time and avoid bad hires. Under this plan, you may immediately hire one of our pre-screened, qualified candidates. We offer a 100-calendar day guarantee for all direct hires.

Temporary Hiring
Whether you need help for a day or a year, ALTRES temporary employees are the best solution when you need people to cover work right now.  Temporary employees are recommended for special projects, busy seasons, sick leaves, TDI coverage, and other instances when your team needs short-term support.

Minimize your risk by “test driving” a candidate before you hire. Our Temp-to-Hire plan allows you to monitor a candidate’s performance and on-the-job skills and behavior before making a final hiring decision. This 640 hour plan includes all costs of payroll, taxes, and required insurance. After the employee has completed the temporary evaluation period, you have the option of hiring the candidate directly without any additional fees.

Project Payrolling
What if you’ve already found a candidate on your own but aren’t ready to put that person on your payroll? Similar to our Temp-to-Hire plan, ALTRES provides employment administration for your workers at an attractive rate. While you manage the employee’s workplace responsibilities, we administer the payroll, workers’ compensation, state and federal employment taxes, and unemployment, TDI, and health insurance.

Examples of the positions we fill:

  • PC Technicians
  • Help Desk Representatives
  • System Administrators
  •  Network Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Web & Software Programmers
  • Telecommunications Specialists
  • Security Information Specialists
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • CAD Drafters/Operators
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Environmental & Biotech Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Architects