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Apr. 19, 2016

5 Skills Every Administrative Assistant Must Have

An administrative assistant is often the first point of contact for a company’s customers and plays an important role in keeping an office organized and running smoothly. But what does it take to succeed in this role? There are a variety of skills that hiring managers will be looking for when recruiting for this type of position. For applicants who are looking to land an administrative assistant job, it’s important to understand these skills in order to sell yourself appropriately.

Below are 5 important qualities of an in-demand administrative professional:

  1. Strong social skills – Social skills are those that help facilitate interaction and communication with others, including listening and verbal and written communication. Administrative assistants often play the “middle man” between the company and the client/customer, so having the ability to listen to needs and respond in a professional, helpful manner is vital. Furthermore, good spelling and grammatical skills are necessary in order to produce professional correspondence on behalf of the company.
  1. Time management – An administrative assistant is often tasked with managing not only their own schedules, but the schedules of company executives. That means that this person must be organized, efficient, and able to use their time well. Having multiple things on their plate at once is a common occurrence for administrative professionals.
  1. Ability to problem solve & adapt – A good administrative assistant must be able to handle difficult and stressful situations all while staying composed and professional. When faced with a problem, this person must be able to think clearly, look for a solution, and adapt.
  1. Technical aptitude – In this day and age, most people understand how to use a computer. Still, a strong understanding of various types of office equipment is important in order work efficiently in this role.
  1. Industry knowledge – The administrative assistant must understand and be able to use industry-specific terms and language. Possessing at least a basic understanding (sometimes more) of the company industry is necessary in order to communicate with both colleagues and customers.


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