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Jun. 09, 2015

4 Ways To Improve Your Engineering Resume

As an engineer, you may not have a natural marketing mentality. And why would you? You’re an engineer! However, when you’re trying to get a job, no matter what the profession, you need the ability to sell yourself. One way to do that is through a smartly crafted resume.

Engineering resumes can be more difficult to develop than others, especially since engineering jobs are technical while those doing the hiring are generally not. That’s why it’s important to focus your efforts on what will sell—namely your skills and experience. Below are a few simple ways to improve your resume today and effectively market yourself to potential employers.

  1. Add a summary

Instead of listing an objective at the top of your resume, try a summary. A summary gives the reader an overview of your skills, knowledge, and experience and can be an effective way to grab attention. This summary should spotlight your most marketable qualifications in just a few sentences.

  1. Tout your knowledge

Dedicate a portion of your resume to your technical skills. This can be as simple as a bulleted list of your abilities/areas of knowledge. Remember, not all hiring managers have a strong technical background, so make it easy for them to locate whether or not you have the necessary skills.

  1. Details

It’s good to give details about your past positions, but don’t go overboard. As you craft your resume, keep information specific to the job you are applying for. Leave out anything that you have done in past jobs that is not relevant to the position at hand. Every detail that you include in your resume should serve a purpose.

  1. Proofread it!

As an engineer, you are expected to be precise. Don’t let a misspelled word give a potential employer doubts about your attention to detail. Proofread your resume more than once to make sure your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are spot on.

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