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Jun. 09, 2015

How ALTRES Can Help Beef Up Your Skills

It’s crucial that you have the right skills and training for the jobs that you are pursuing. But how do you get the experience you need if no one will let you through the door? One option is to accept temporary work through ALTRES Industrial.

Temporary jobs let you develop your skills and add valuable experience to your resume while earning a paycheck. Even if your long-term goal remains to secure a full-time, long-term position, there are many reasons to consider temporary work now:

  1. Get to work fast – at ALTRES, we add new job opportunities to our inventory every day. From entry-level to advanced, we have positions at every skill level.
  1. Gain experience for the future— short-term work and projects help you develop the kind of experience that increases your marketability with future employers.
  1. Work on a wide range of assignments—temporary work allows you to work on several types of projects and assignments—more than you’re likely to find when working at a single company.
  1. Flexibility—temporary assignments allow you to perfect the skills you have, and learn new ones, while maintaining the flexibility that you’re looking for. Are you only available nights or on weekends? Our clients have various needs, so we can help match you with a job that fits with your schedule.

Throughout Hawaii, construction, warehouse, and other industrial companies are turning to ALTRES Industrial to keep up with the high demand for work. If your job search is going nowhere due to a lack of skills or experience, maybe it’s time to give your ALTRES Personnel Manager a call. We would love to help you find work.

View our list of available positions here and “express interest” for as many as you are qualified for!

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