Dec. 27, 2017

How to Find a Job After Graduation

Congratulations recent college graduates! You’ve earned your degree, now it’s time to enter the real world. Looking for your break into the workforce can be challenging and stressful. But don’t fret!

With over 200 years of combined experience, the recruiters at ALTRES Staffing have helped place thousands of jobseekers, just like yourself, into great jobs! And what’s the biggest piece of advice they have for new grads? Keep reading to see what they had to say.

“Your resume is a potential employer’s first impression of you, so make it impactful. Every word counts and every resume you submit should be tailored to the position you are applying for. List all your relevant coursework and experience and add details that are related to the job you are applying for.”

Jenies Thomas
Medical Manager

“Always remember that every person you meet is a potential door to a new opportunity, both personally and professionally.  Work on building good relationships—you never know if you will cross paths again.”

Rowena Tolentino
Branch Manager

“When you interview with a staffing agency, come prepared. A staffing company will consider you for many different jobs at once. Be mindful of how you present yourself as it can affect the opportunities you’re matched/presented with.”

Lynn Hiyane
Clerical & Technical Placement Manager

“Although your first job out of college may not be your ultimate or final career choice, be excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity. You won’t stay in your first job forever—spend that time learning as much as you can and be willing to contribute to the team.”

Emy Yamauchi-Wong
Office Manager

“Businesses are looking for an employee who will represent them well, on and off company time. Before you submit applications, search yourself online. If there are inappropriate posts, remove them. Party photos and complaints about annoying coworkers may have been funny at the time, but as a professional think about how your future boss would view it.”

Lisa Kodama
Office Personnel Manager

“You’ve made it to the interview, now show them what a great listener you are. The number one way to do that? Good eye contact! It allows you to build a connection with the other person, as well as display your confidence and sincerity. Work on mastering your eye contact by practicing with your peers.”

Roxanne Koster
Office Placement Assistant

“Start networking! This could be doing charity work or joining professional organizations. There are specific networking groups tailored to young professionals. Attend events, meet people, have fun, and hopefully land your dream job!

Shani Silva
Industrial Manager

“Be focused but flexible at the same time. Your first job after graduating may not be the job of your dreams.  Entry-level positions may not be the most glamourous but it is the best way to learn the ‘tools of the trade’. What you learn will be valuable lessons and techniques that you’ll be able to apply throughout your career!”

Tabitha Fernandez
Industrial Personnel Manager

“Have a positive attitude and be open and flexible to learning anything. You want to grow and learn so you can be an asset to any company.”

Sonnie Kerr
Medical Personnel Manager

“Be confident and prepared from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. The way you carry yourself through the interview process is crucial to helping you find the right job. Let your personality shine and be sure to smile.”

Krysten Allmon
Front Desk Administrative Assistant

“Whatever your next steps or your path, commit yourself and build relationships. Your reputation will follow you wherever you go, especially in Hawaii. A strong work ethic will help you succeed. Hard work builds positive and memorable impressions which will help you in the future when you’re ready to advance in your career.”

Kapaelani Comstock
Hilo Branch Manager

ALTRES has been helping people find their dream jobs for over 50 years. Plus, we NEVER charge a fee, so it’s completely free to you.

Contact us today to find out how one of our knowledgeable recruiters can help you, or search our job board and Express Interest in positions that interest you, and a recruiter will be in touch!

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