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Dec. 20, 2016

How to Turn Your Temp Job into a Career

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, temporary employment might not be your first option. Perhaps because there’s no guarantee of employment once the assignment is over and let’s be honest, being a temp worker isn’t your dream career.  Still, there are many benefits to taking temporary assignments. Here are four practical ways you can turn your temp job into a permanent one.

Take assignments in your industry

While there’s value to temporary work in and of itself, it’s particularly worthwhile when you’re working for a company in your desired industry or field. You’ll be more likely to succeed and therefore more likely to be considered for a permanent position when you’re interested and passionate about the work you’re performing.

Treat it as a working interview

If you think of your temporary assignment as merely a job and nothing more, you’re selling yourself short on its potential. Instead, view it as a working interview by showing up every day with your best foot forward. It’s an opportunity for the employer to assess your on-the-job skills (which aren’t easy to evaluate during an interview) and a chance for you to see if the company and role are right for you. The beauty of temp work is that if the position doesn’t quite pan out the way you expected, you can move on to something more suiting.

Go the extra mile

More than just showing initiative, going the extra mile means arriving early or staying late, showing enthusiasm for new projects, and regarding your temp job as a full-time position. It lets the employer know that you not only take the role and responsibilities seriously, but that you care about how your work affects the company–coveted attributes that every employer looks for in their employees.

Communicate all your skills

Often, temporary workers are hired to perform specific tasks–making it difficult for you to showcase all of your talents and skills. If possible, offer to take on additional tasks or projects to demonstrate your wide range of abilities and the quality of work you can produce.

Be adaptable

One of the most sought-after skills in an employee is their adaptability. In order to prove your worth to the employer and gain recognition in the workplace, you must be able to demonstrate your willingness to learn and grow. Take initiative when learning a new technique or skill and look for ways to provide creative solutions to problems.

Even if you are not offered a permanent position after your temporary assignment is over, all is not lost. You now have solid work experience to add to your resume and new contacts to grow your professional network. Keep in touch with your supervisor as they may be able to refer you to opportunities or job leads in the future.

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