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May. 16, 2016

Job Search Tips from our ALTRES Personnel Managers

You’ve probably come across a lot of advice during your search for a job. While there’s no shortage of information available, it can be overwhelming and at the very least leave you questioning the expertise of the individuals who are giving it.

Here at ALTRES Staffing, our team of highly skilled and experienced Personnel Managers work to match qualified individuals with positions at some of Hawaii’s most reputable companies. Our Personnel Managers work first-hand with thousands of jobseekers and businesses every year, so it’s safe to say that no one knows the Hawaii job market quite like they do.

Here are several job search tips they have for Hawaii jobseekers, just like yourself:

Identify your top three must-haves

Are you willing to sacrifice pay for a shorter commute? Would you rather have a higher salary in lieu of conventional work hours? Identifying and prioritizing what’s important to you before you apply for a position (much less accept an offer) will help you determine when to move forward with a job opportunity and when to keep looking.

Keep your “elevator speech” handy

After you’ve submitted your resume or application, be prepared to sell yourself when a prospective company calls to follow-up. Having your “elevator speech” prepared, practiced, and committed to memory will be helpful in nailing this “mini” interview. It can be the difference between making it to the next stage of the recruitment process or not.

Hold mock interviews

Mock interviews are a great way to practice for the real deal. It’s a good idea to go through both traditional and behavioral interview questions. Though you may know what you’re going to say, practicing responses out loud ensures that you can eloquently communicate those points in person.

Be realistic

Confidence is necessary when looking for a job, but make sure you understand the level of work that you can successfully complete. If you’re applying for management level positions with no related work history or experience, chances are you won’t hear back from employers. Never overlook an entry-level position if it’s a stepping stone to something better.

Do your homework

Knowledge is power and the secret to leading a successful job search. Collect information about the industry you’re in, including typical starting salaries, types of jobs available, and details about companies that are hiring. With a better grasp on the market, you’ll increase your chances of landing not just any job, but a job that fits with your overall skills and interests.

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