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Jul. 27, 2017

[Infographic] Job vs. Career: Which Do You Have?

With Hawaii’s unemployment rate at its lowest point in over a decade, jobseekers currently have the upper hand in finding work—that means it’s easier than ever to follow your passion. But many employees are still disengaged and feeling stuck in positions they don’t like.

Here are five ways to tell if your job is just a job or a stepping stone in your career.

Thinking short-term vs. thinking long-term

Ask yourself this: How much time are you looking to put into your current role? If it’s less than a few years, you probably have a job. People in careers are in it for the long haul—they’re never stumped when people ask them where they see themselves in five years.  If you lack long-term, big picture professional goals, it can be hard to stay motivated and connected with your work.

Working for the weekend vs. working to get ahead

Do you spend your work day counting the hours on the clock? Career-minded people are genuinely interested in their work and have a passion for that they do. They’re more apt to go above and beyond the call of duty to be successful. They will continue education in their field and constantly look for ways to develop their skills.

Looking for a way out vs. looking for a way up

Are you browsing job boards instead of asking for new projects? Are you planning vacation days instead of getting a head start on your work? If you’re in a career, you don’t wait for the next big thing to fall in their lap. You go out and get it.

Collecting paychecks vs. collecting experiences

When you have a career, you’re not showing up just to collect a paycheck every two weeks. You’re looking to develop yourself professionally and taking opportunities to grow. Whether you’re networking, finding a mentor, or taking on side projects, you’re always adding things to your resume.

Being comfortable vs. being ambitious

Are you content where you are or are you always setting new goals for yourself? If you’re a career person, you probably fall within the latter. While comfort feels good in the moment, it doesn’t drive you to keep moving forward to bigger and better things.

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