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Apr. 11, 2016

The Benefits of Working with a Medical Staffing Company

The healthcare industry is a big and sometimes scary world to navigate alone. Fortunately, a staffing company, like ALTRES Medical can help guide you to the perfect healthcare position. If you’ve ever thought about working with a staffing company in the past or perhaps have never even heard of a staffing company, here are a few ways they can help you land and enjoy the job you have.

Better job access – Due to the fast-paced and changing nature of the healthcare industry, many healthcare providers don’t have the time or expertise to recruit new workers themselves – so in order to quickly fill vacancies, they often partner with a staffing company. That means companies like ALTRES Medical are often the first, if not the only, to know when a position becomes available. As a result, you get access to positions you may not find anywhere else.

Saves time – Searching for a job is not easy, nor is it a quick process. However, when you apply with a staffing company, one interview helps you get considered for multiple opportunities. You’ll have more time to continue the job search on your own or focus on your current job until a new one becomes available.

Flexibility –Whether you prefer the stability and routine that comes with permanent placement, need the flexibility of per diem shifts, or are just looking to pick up extra work during down time, a staffing company works with you to find a position that meets both your skill set and individual scheduling preferences.

Maintain your skills – Current licensing and certifications are essential to landing the job, and as you know, there’s a lot to keep up with in the medical field. A staffing company helps you stay on top of renewing expiring credentials and many offer training and certification classes to their workers.

For more information about what to expect when working with ALTRES Medical, visit our FAQ page or contact us.


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