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Jul. 12, 2016

Tips for Surviving the Office After a Vacation

It seems a universal law that the vacation you had meticulously planned and anticipated for months no sooner begins than comes to an end. Regardless of whether you traveled to Las Vegas or the neighbor islands, it feels that before you even manage to step foot back at home the realization hits—I have to go to work tomorrow. Don’t let this realization ruin your night, day, or week. With these five practical tips, you’ll be able to make a smooth and (mostly) painless reentry into the workplace.

  1. Communication is key – Proper communication will make your transition from office to vacation and back again as seamless as possible. Informing your coworkers that you’ll be out of the office is just as important as telling your supervisors. Communicate mindfully and effectively—the emphasis should not be on the details of your luxurious vacation, but rather the ways in which you can help minimize disruption in your absence.
  2. Clean up your workspace – The last day before your absence, take time to organize your work and desk. Similarly, the first thing you should do when you come back from vacation is tidy up your workspace. Taking care of unopened letters or other items on your desk will put you in a productive mindset and is a nice way to ease back into the workload.
  3. Prioritize your day – Upon your return, review deadlines and prioritize your responsibilities. Consider keeping your email and phone vacation notices up for the first half of the day or turning on your “do not disturb” notice in order to work your way through the backlog of tasks and correspondences without distraction. Another tip: don’t review your emails in chronological order. Instead, sort your messages by subject or sender. This makes it easier to quickly find out what happened while you were gone.
  4. Pace yourself – Understand that you probably won’t be able to catch up with all your work in one day. Accept your limitations and plan to stagger the work throughout the week. Additionally, avoid multitasking and instead tackle projects one at a time.
  5. Plan for something fun – Going on vacation is often a time of indulgence, so it’s no wonder that coming back to reality can be difficult. To make the transition easier, give yourself some time to adapt to returning to your daily work routine. If you are traveling it is best not to arrive the night before you are scheduled to work—give yourself a full day of rest after you return home to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the work week ahead. Additionally, plan to do something fun after your first day back. Meet up with friends for dinner, spend the evening at the beach, or even just plan to indulge in your favorite TV show.

By effectively planning ahead and taking things slow, you should find the transition from vacation back to work much more bearable. If after all of this you still find yourself painstakingly trudging through your return to work, perhaps the issue is that you’re not happy with your job. If so, consider contacting ALTRES Staffing. We understand the local job market and match qualified candidates with Hawaii’s leading companies every day. Learn how we can help you search smarter by clicking here.

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