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Jun. 07, 2016

10 Golden Rules of Workplace Professionalism

Employers want to hire and work with individuals who show a high level of professionalism in the workplace. Yet, it’s surprising how many jobseekers and employees fail to maintain a level of professionalism in the workplace. If you’re looking to give yourself a leg up over the competition when it comes to looking for a job or even furthering your career, ensure that you always follow the 10 golden rules of being professional at work.

  1. Dress appropriately – Hawaii is known for being much more casual than the mainland, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to show up to work in shorts and slippers. Ensure that you follow the dress code rules for your workplace and put a little effort into getting ready every day.
  2. Arrive on time – Island time is real, but it’s no excuse when it comes to your job, so ensure you arrive on time every day. Additionally, make a point to get to any meetings by their scheduled start time.
  3. Watch your mouth – Leave the foul language at home. There’s typically no place for swearing at work and it can come across as very unprofessional. Additionally, avoid becoming the office gossip. Don’t spread rumors or spend your time telling your coworkers what you overheard in the lunchroom.
  4. Grammar is important – Take time to proofread your emails, letters, and other written correspondence to ensure that you are communicating effectively. Misspellings and poor grammar will make you seem unprofessional and reflect badly on both yourself and your company.
  5. Do your best work – Getting by on the bare minimum screams unprofessionalism. Strive to work hard and go above and beyond whenever you can.
  6. Smile – Friendliness is a good trait to adopt in the workplace. Make an effort to have a positive attitude and show some aloha to both your coworkers and company customers/clients.
  7. Be a good team player – Offer to help your peers when you can. It’s okay to be focused on your own career, but remember that teamwork is an essential quality in almost every work environment.
  8. Separate personal time and work time – Avoid wasting company time and resources on your own things. That means, don’t spend your workday chatting on your cell phone, on social media, or online shopping.
  9. Be honest (don’t lie) – Honesty is always the best policy. A true professional will always own up to his/her mistakes. This will help build trustworthiness—an invaluable trait that will take you far in your career.
  10. Avoid hulking out – Disagreements at work are inevitable, but remember that a professional doesn’t turn into an angry hulk every time there’s an argument. Learn how to calmly share your opinion and deal with conflict in a constructive way. And of course, physical attacks are never, ever okay.


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