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Apr. 26, 2018

Don’t Quit Your Job Until You Read This

You finally did it—you found the job of your dreams, nailed the interview, and got an amazing job offer. But before you slap your two weeks’ notice on your boss’ desk, make sure you do these six things to ensure a smooth transition out.

Keep quiet

Even if the person you sit next to is your work BFF, your boss should be the first person to know about your departure. Hold off on telling anyone until you’ve had a conversation with your direct supervisor.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your boss

Don’t give your news over the phone, email, text, or interoffice IM. It’s unprofessional and doesn’t give your manager the respect they deserve in hearing it from you directly. Even if your boss is the reason you’re quitting, maintain the highest level of professionalism through the end.

Prepare for a counteroffer

The most likely scenario: your boss may try to convince you to stay. In Hawaii’s tight job market, employers can’t afford to lose great employees. It could take several months and thousands of dollars to find a replacement. Your boss might offer you more money, better benefits, or increased responsibilities. If you’re willing to negotiate, figure out what’s important to you. Would you stay for a promotion? An extra $10,000 per year? A work a-from-home schedule? If you are set on leaving, don’t waste your manager’s time by entertaining a counteroffer.

Prepare for an immediate departure

One of the most shocking—and hurtful—things you need to prepare for is an immediate departure. The reality is, your employer could decline your two weeks’ notice and ask you to leave immediately, especially if you’re heading to a competitor. This doesn’t happen often but it is a possibility. Make sure you have everything you need ready to go, including any personal documents saved on your computer.

Create a list of responsibilities

Write down a thorough and detailed list on what you do and how it needs to be done. It will help your boss update the job description for your role and delegate responsibilities once you’ve left. Also jot down a list of key people that contribute to projects you work on so your manager knows who to turn to for more information. This displays professionalism, shows the company that you care, and leaves a good impression with your soon-to-be former colleagues.

Formulate a positive response

Your manager and coworkers will want to know why you’re jumping ship. As tempting as it can be to slam your boss’ management style or point out how annoying some of your coworkers are, keep it positive. Hawaii is a small island and there is a good chance that you will see these people again in the future.

Ready to hand in your two weeks’ notice but haven’t found your dream job yet? We can help. We have dozens of recruiters that will help you search for a new job. Plus, everything is completely confidential!

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