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Apr. 19, 2018

How to Travel the World by Doing Temp Work

Are you someone who loves to travel and see new places? Do you love to meet new people? One resourceful ALTRES employee recently shared with us how she was able to fund her travels across the globe. Her secret? Temporary work!

Many people know temporary work, or temporary employment, as a way to make money in between full time jobs. And it is. (See: 5 Reasons Why Temporary Work is Worth It.) But for some people, it can be much more.

For Noelle Baca, temp work fueled her passion for travel. She traveled to London, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Mexico, and Canada—all by taking on temporary work through ALTRES Staffing.

We asked Noelle for the scoop on how she was able to travel the world by doing temp work. Here’s what she said.

smiling traveler with Florence by night in the background
Noelle Baca in Florence, Italy.

How did you get your start in temporary work?

In 2012, I decided to leave a comfortable job in Los Angeles to come to back to Hawaii, where I grew up. I spent a year exploring the island but realized I was running out of money. I wanted to continue spending more time outdoors, so I looked for a job that allowed me unlimited time off. I had heard about temp agencies before, so I applied to two different companies and ended up with ALTRES Staffing because they had the most variety of projects available.

What was your schedule like?

I didn’t want to work a permanent position. I chose short-term projects that typically lasted anywhere from one day to one year. When I had enough money saved, I packed my bags and headed to the next country that I was longing to see.

What did you enjoy most about temporary work?

Temp work is never dull! There’s always a new company to work for, new tasks to learn, new people to meet. Monotony bores me so doing something unfamiliar and meeting people I don’t know excites me. It’s also helped me to define what I actually want in a career—you learn a lot by trying on different roles and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Advice for people considering temporary work?

Go for it! If you’re starting out in the workforce and aren’t sure what to do with your life, temporary work gives you a taste of what jobs are available without the fear of committing to a job you might hate. It would also be great for those who already spent their lives working and find retirement a tad boring. Temporary work will allow them to take on projects here and there whenever they feel like it.

For me, I love to travel and temp work allowed me the freedom to do so. I didn’t have to ask for vacation approval to take three weeks off to explore Europe. I simply called my Personnel Manager and told her I’d check in when I came back.

It’s a life that I miss sometimes and wouldn’t mind returning to someday.

travel done by doing temp work - Noelle in Thailand and Paris
Noelle Baca in Thailand and Paris, France.

Noelle Baca currently works as a Benefits Generalist and Unemployment Specialist at simplicityHR by ALTRES.

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