Unemployment Insurance (UI) FAQ for Employees

1. How Do I File for UI Benefits?


(808) 762-5751 or toll-free (833) 901-2272

(808) 762-5752 or toll-free (833) 901-2275

The unemployment call center hours are 7am – 6pm HST, 7 days a week.

In Person
Computers are available for in-person use at the following locations:

Maui Claims Office
54 South High Street, Room 201, Wailuku, HI 96793

Maui American Jobs Center
110 Ala‘ihi Street, #209, Kahului, HI 96732

2. What employment status do I choose?

Status Definition
Still employed You are furloughed (working 0 hours) or have a reduction in hours.
Lack of work You are separated (no longer employed) due to no work being available.
Quit You are separated (no longer employed) as you resigned.
Discharge You are separated (no longer employed) as your employer fired you.
Suspended You are still employed, but your employer is withholding work from you for
disciplinary reasons.

3. What happens after I file my initial claim?

  • After completing your initial claim, you’ll also need to file a weekly claim certification (or weekly report of low earnings). This will be filed online for each week you either have 0 hours, or your hours are reduced.

4. Will I qualify for UI benefits?

  • The State of Hawai‘i UI Claims Office will determine if you are eligible for UI benefits after you’ve filed your UI Claim. Please be aware it is not up to your employer to grant you UI benefits. The State of Hawai‘i UI Claims Office will review the details of your case and render a decision based on applicable laws.
  • For further details on the State of Hawai‘i’s UI process, please visit labor.hawaii.gov/ui.

5. I’m trying to file my weekly claim certification, what is considered gross wages?

  • Salary, hourly wages, tips, commission, bonuses and any paid time off should all be reported to the UI Claims Office as part of your total gross wages when you file your weekly claim certification.
  • Paid time off and tips should be reported in the week they are earned. Commission and bonuses should be reported in the week they are paid.

6. I am new to the State and only worked a couple months in Hawai‘i, will I qualify?

  • If you do not have enough qualifying wages with the State of Hawai‘i, you may be able to file with the State you moved from. We recommend you file for UI benefits with the State of Hawai‘i; the State of Hawai‘i should inform you if your UI claim needs to be opened with another State.

7. How much UI will I qualify for?

  • The amount you qualify for in monetary compensation will be determined by the State of Hawai‘i after you file your claim. This is determined by gross wages you’ve earned in the past 18 months of employment.
  • If you are interested in estimating your WBA, please visit https://huiclaims2.hawaii.gov/UI_ClaimWEB/pages/calculator/calculator.jsf.
  • The maximum weekly benefit amount for this year (2023) is $763. If you are currently earning more than $763 in gross wages, you will not qualify for UI benefits.

8. When will I get paid my UI benefits?

  • For all new claims, a one week waiting period must be served. This means you will not receive any benefits for the first week you file and are eligible.
  • Under normal circumstances, it usually takes 7 business days from the date you file a weekly claim certification for the UI claims office to process payment. However, due to the high volume of individuals filing for UI benefits, there may be additional delays.

9. How long can I collect UI benefits?

  • A UI claim is valid for 1 year. However, if you collect your full amount of UI benefits each week, you will run out of monetary funds in 26 weeks.

10. Can I choose which employer I want to file UI benefits for?

  • No. All employment in the past 18 months must be reported to the State of Hawai‘i when you open a new claim.

11. I made a mistake on my UI claim, what do I do?

  • Please call the Call Center to correct your claim.

12. I need to backdate my claim, how do I do this?

  • If you filed your UI claim with the Call Center, your UI claim is automatically backdated to 08/06/23.
  • If you filed online, the State of Hawai‘i will review your claim before running your monetary determination and backdate your claim to 08/06/23.
  • If your claim was not backdated, please contact the Call Center.

13. I’m disqualified for unemployment benefits, what should I do?

  • Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the decision letter to request a reconsideration or appeal to hearing.