Try Before You Hire: Why It Could Save You Money in the Long Run


Our admiration of the entrepreneur runs deep in the ethos of what it means to be an American. Yet, with over two thousand different employment laws, being a job creator or a manager of a business in the twenty-first century has never been more red-taped and difficult. Since the Great Recession more and more businesses have moved toward leveraging the help of a staffing agency to provide flexibility in their workforce and overcome the difficulty of navigating employment law. Read through these four reasons to task an agency with your new hire to help determine whether or not a staffing agency might be the right fit for your business.

  1. Try before you hire
    Any staffing agency should be willing to guarantee your satisfaction in providing a new hire. Onboarding a new candidate is an expensive and time-consuming process. Nearly 50 percent of all new hires fail in their first eighteen months2. Trial periods enable both parties to assess whether the worker’s skills, company culture, and/or the demands of the job are the right “fit” for the potential employee.
  1. Hidden costs of hiring
    Working with a staffing agency is one way of assuring a cost-effective return on the risk of a new hire. In addition to an employee’s salary, employers assume a multitude of hidden costs related to finding the right people. From costs to advertise the position, to general/professional liability insurance, worker’s compensation, state and federal payroll taxes, and potentially unemployment benefits among others.  Creating employment opportunities to get work done is much more tedious and expensive than most realize. A benefit of working with a staffing agency is that these costs are built into a new hire’s hourly wage. As a potential employer, you’re only responsible for hours worked while you consider your new hire’s fit with your existing team.
  1. Time is money, and you’re all cashed out
    Going it alone in your search for an employee takes time, which is especially difficult if you’re running a business on top of recruiting for a new position. People are the most valued asset a company has, and as such extensive recruiting, screening, and hiring takes a considerable devotion of time, effort, and money. Hiring a staffing agency like ALTRES is like hiring a team of dedicated recruiters that work to fill the requirements and needs of your specific position. Our strength is in finding and maintaining relationships with good people and putting them in positions where they will be likely to succeed.
  1. Deep networks of candidates
    One of the myths associated with staffing companies is that they provide only entry-level professionals. The truth is that ALTRES spends more resources than any other organization in Hawaii to recruit candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have over 28 recruiters who work with our network of qualified candidates of all levels of skills and experience. One tremendous advantage of using a staffing agency is when targeting passive job candidates—candidates not actively looking for work. These candidates are likely already employed and are only passively looking for new employment. At ALTRES our Personnel Managers, specially trained across four disciplines—Office, Medical, Industrial, and Technical—continually touch base with passive candidates to determine the position they are most likely to find happiness and success in. These passive candidates are jobseekers that would only be found at ALTRES.

We know how difficult navigating the employment code and job market can be. With over 40 years of experience in Hawaii, ALTRES has weathered economic changes and understands Hawaii’s unique business culture. If you would like to see what talented candidates we have available, consider contacting our ALTRES Personnel Managers. There’s no cost or obligation to interview candidates, and you’re welcome to compare our candidates to the applicants you’re currently getting through your own recruitment efforts. You’ll be happy you started today.