Are You Required to Pay the Salary Listed in Your Job Ads?

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Recruitment continues to be a hot issue for Hawaii employers, and with it come many questions. One of them we’ve heard frequently over the years is “Am I obligated to pay the amount that I list in my job ad? What if I find a candidate with fewer skills but high potential?”  

To answer this question, we asked Director of HR Services at simplicityHR by ALTRESMichele Kauinui for her expert answer. With over 13 years of human resources experience in Hawaii, Michele has seen (and successfully dealt with) her fair share of HR headscratchers.

Kauinui advises that “Generally speaking, job advertisements are not legally binding. Provided that you pay at least minimum wage (and comply with all applicable wage and hour laws), you are free to set a wage that you deem is fair and competitive for the role, experience level, and skill set needed.” 

Kauinui also notes that clearly stating minimum requirements and listing a pay range can help market your jobs while also managing expectations from jobseekers. After all, you never want an applicant to feel that the job they are applying for is different from what was advertised. 

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